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The current gos is still an alpha version, welcome more people to comment and improve it 🍓, you can add more commands to it, or modify something to make it perform better.

You can download the compiled binary program here: Release Page

🦄 Brief introduction

from now on, use gos instead of go:

go get => gos get
go build => gos build
go run => gos run
go ... => gos ...

gos is compatible with all go commands and has go mod/get equipped with smart GOPROXY, it automatically distinguishes between private and public repositories and uses GOPROXY to download your lost package when appropriate.

gos has a few extra commands to enhance your development experience:

  cross      agile and fast cross compiling
  proto      quick and easy compilation of proto files

You can use -h on these sub commands to get more information.

🐋 How to start

This can't be simpler.
According to your system type, download the zip file from the release page, unzip, rename the binaries to gos and put it in your $PATH. Then use gos as if you were using the go command.
You can also download the source code and compile it using go build -o gos main.go

Note: The prerequisite for gos to work properly is that the go binary is in your $PATH. If you need to use the gos proto command, you need the protoc binary too.

:tangerine: What GOS can do:

1. Fully compatible with Go native commands

You can use gos just like you would with the go command. Compatible with all flags and arguments, such as the following:

go get -u -v github.com/xxxx/xxxx
gos get -u -v github.com/xxxx/xxxx

2. Simpler Cross-Compilation

You can use gos cross command for simpler cross-compilation:

# Compile Linux platform binaries for the current system architecture
# For example, if your computer are amd64, it will compile main.go into the binary of linux/amd64 architecture.
gos cross main.go linux

# Specify the build platform and architecture
gos cross main.go linux amd64
gos cross main.go linux arm
gos cross main.go linux 386
gos cross main.go windows amd64
gos cross main.go darwin 386

# Compiling binary files for all architectures on the specified platform
gos cross main.go linux all
gos cross main.go windows all

# Compiling binary files for all platforms on the specified architecture
gos cross main.go all amd64

# Trying to compile binary files for all platforms and architectures
gos cross all all

Gos uses parallel compilation, very fast 🚀, but still depends on the configuration of your operating system.

more information: gos cross -h

3. Rapid generation of .proto

This feature may only be useful to RPC developers. You can compile proto files more easily, as follows:

# Compile a single file
gos proto helloworld.proto

# Compile all proto files under the current folder (excluding subfolders)
gos proto all

# Compile all proto files in the current directory and all subdirectories
gos proto all/all

Of course, the precondition is that you have a protoc binary in your $PATH.

more information: gos proto -h

4. Go proxy solution

There is a dilemma here. If you don't use GOPROXY, there may be a large number of Package pull timeouts (network reasons) or non-existence (repository rename, delete or migrate), like the following:

unrecognized import path "golang.org/x/net" (https fetch: Get https://golang.org/x/net?go-get=1: 
dial tcp connectex: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.)

If use GOPROXY, you will not be able to pull the private repositories (github, gitlab, etc) properly, like that:

go get github.com/your_private_repo: unexpected status (https://athens.azurefd.net/github.com/your_private_repo/@v/list): 500 Internal Server Error

GOS strengthens all of GO's native commands, no matter it's go mod/get/build/run/....Any situation that might cause a package pull, gos will intelligently determine whether the current repository to be pulled needs to use GOPROXY.

Now, live your thug life 😎

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