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1、 (单选)选题避免低水平重复,关键在于( )。 The key of avoiding low-level repetition on selecting topics lies on ( ). 要确有可能得出新的发现,或确有可能解决实践中的新问题 making new discoveries or solving new problems in practice

2、 (单选)中文文集析出文献引用需注明( )。 Which of the following should be noted when we quote contributions of collected works in Chinese?

作者/析出篇名/文集题名/文集编者/出版者/出版年月/页码 Author/title of the contributions/title of the collected works/compilers of the collected works/publisher/date of publication/page number

3、 (单选)引用译著中文版标注为原文版,是否属于学术不端行为( )。 Does it belong to an act of academic misconduct to mark the Chinese version as the original version when you quote? 是 Yes, it is.

4、 (单选)篡改他人学术成果,属于( )行为。 Falsifying other's academic achievements is an act of( ).

学术不端 academic misconduct

5、 (单选)学术批评要坚持学术与学术对话,不同学术观点的争议要采用( )的办法来进行。 Academic criticism should adhere to academic conversation, and disputes between different academic viewpoints should be carried out by means of ( ).

公开发表学术批评文章 publishing articles of academic criticism

6、 (单选)未经正式出版的学术会议论文集刊登的稿件( )。 The article included in unpublished paper collection of academic conference can ( ).

可以再次在其他正式刊物上发表 be published agagin in other publications

7、 (单选)( )是一种极端的学术不端行为,指学术权力的行使者滥用学术权力的行为。 ( ) is of extreme academic misconduct, referring to the abuse of academic power by the holder of that power.

学术腐败 Academic corruption

8、 (单选)中文古籍引用需注明( )。 Which of the following should be noted when we quote Chinese ancient books?( )

原作者/书名/部类名/卷次或篇名/版本 Original author/title of the work/title of the class/volume number or title of paper /edition

9、 (单选)论文内容摘要应客观地用( )的方式撰写 The abstract of the paper should be written objectively in ( )

第三人称 the third person

10、 (单选)引用外文文献专著、编著按顺序需注明( )。 Which of the following is the prescribed sequence when we quote monographs and compilations in foreign languages? ( ) 作者/书名/出版地点及出版机构/出版时间/页码 Author/name of the work/publication place and publisher /date of publication/page number

11、 (单选)谁对成果承担相应的学术责任、道义责任和法律责任( )。 ( ) shoulders the corresponding academic, moral and legal responsibilities of academic achievement for the results. 署名者 The author

12、 (单选)论文公开发表后收入论文集( )。 When a published thesis is going to be included in a paper collection, ( ). 应注明原来发表的出处 its original publication should be annotated

13、 (单选)引用未发表作品( )。 About quoting from an unpublished work, which one is true( ). 应征得作者同意并保障作者权益 One should ask for author's consent and protect author's rights

14、 (单选)( )是指技术层面违背规范的行为,或由于缺乏必要的知识而违背行为准则的做法。 ( ) refers to a violation of the norm at the technical level or of the code of conduct due to the lack of necessary knowledge. 学术失范 Academic impropriety

15、 (单选)学生是否可以随意使用导师在课堂教学、个别辅导以及作业批改中阐发的学术理念和思想( )。 Are students free to use the academic ideas and thoughts expressed by their tutors in classroom teaching, individual coaching and homework correction?

否 No, they aren’t

16、 (单选)伪造或者篡改数据、文献、捏造事实,属于( )行为。 Forging or falsifying datas or documents, or fabrication is an act of( ).

学术不端 academic misconduct

17、 (单选)数据核实不足,属于( )行为。 The data used is not thoroughly verified. This is an act of ( ). 学术失范 academic impropriety

18、 (单选)评价学术研究者个人或学术团队应当坚持( )评价方式。 The evaluation of either an individual academic or an academic group should adhere to the evaluation method of ( ).

“代表作” representative works.

19、 (单选)中文期刊引用需按顺序注明( )。 Which of the following is the prescribed sequence when we quote Chinese journal?

作者/篇名/期刊名/年期 Author/name of the article/title of the journal/year and issue

20、 (单选)同意刊物转载已经发表的稿件,应明确要求刊物注明( )字样,并公开说明原刊载处。 The publication can reprint a published article after obtaining the consent, and it is required to clearly mark ( ) and make the original publication clear and open.

“转载” "reprinted"

21、 (单选)对于参考文献,下列说法不正确的是( )。 For the reference, which of the following statement is incorrect?

凡是论著都应列为参考文献 All treatises should be listed as references.

22、 (单选)学术为天下之公器,只有通过( ),才能去伪存真,明辨是非,发现真理,杜绝腐败 Academic research is worldwide. Only through ( ) can the true be retained, the right be distinguished, the truth be discovered and the corruption be ended. 学术批评 academic criticism

23、 (单选)人文社会科学包括( )。 Humanities and social sciences include ( )

人文学科和社会科学 humanities and social sciences

24、 (单选)学术研究指在( )指引下用科学的方法进行探索、求知,以获得新的知识、理论以及对新知识、新理论应用的行为。 Academic research refers to the behavior of using scientific methods to explore and seek knowledge in order to obtain and apply new knowledge and theories under the guidance of ( ). 实证精神和理性精神 the spirit of positivism and rationalism

25、 (单选)关于学术批评,下列说法不正确的是( )。 The following statements regarding academic criticism are correct except ( ).

以“侵犯名誉权”为由,对批评者进行批判 One can criticize the critic on the grounds of infringing reputation

26、 (多选) 对于学生采用导师未写成著作的思想的正确做法是( )。 What are the correct ways for students to adopt the idea from the tutor's unfinished work? ( ) 学生采用导师在课堂教学、个别辅导以及作业批改时的学术理念,学生应在如“绪论”或相关章节对导师思想客观地集中复述 If students adopt the tutor's academic thoughts from the class, individual tutoring, and work correction, they should objectively introduce and retell the tutor's thoughts in such chapters as “introduction” or related ones

学生不能把导师的口语实录和思想未加集中说明而淹没在自己的论文各处随意使用 Students are not allowed to submerge the teacher's oral record or thought and use their freely in their paper pleases without centralized explanation

不宜将导师在课堂上的只言片语断章取义割裂引述 It is not appropriate to separate the instructor's words from the class and make a deliberate misinterpretation out of context

27、 (多选) 关于合作论著署名以下说法正确的有哪些?( )。 Which of the following statements are correct about the signature of cooperation work? ( ) 署名次序应按对论著的贡献排列 The order of authors should be listed according to their contribution

执笔者或总体策划者应居署名第一列 The writer's or the overall planner's name should come the first in the list

贡献大致相同者可按拼音顺序或笔画排列 The names of those whose contributions are roughly equal can be listed in the alphabetical order or stroke order(Chinese)

28、 (多选) 在论文或著作中的参考文献,属于有意遗漏的情况有( )。 The situations in which the references in papers or works are intentionally omitted inclued ( ) 为了掩盖事实,冒充首创,故意把最应当列入参考资料的文献删除 covering up the facts and pretending to be the first to state the idea by deliberately deleting the documents that should be included in the references

对应当作直接引文或间接引文的文献有意回避,不做标志,也不出现注释,只列在附后的文献目录中 intentionally erasing the annotation or mark of direct or indirect quotation and only listing the document in the attached references

29、 (多选) 过度引用指的是( )。 Excessive reference refers to( ) 引用他人文字超过自己的论证 quote other people's words more than your own

主要观点和论据以引用为主 main points and arguments are based on quotations

30、 (多选) 学术评价包括( )多种类型。 Academic evaluation include ( ). 对学术研究者个人或学术机构的学术水平和学术贡献评估 evaluation of academic level and academic contribution of individual researcher or academic institutions

学术成果的学术质量鉴定 academic quality evaluation of achievements

学术成果应获得的学术奖励等级的评估 assessment of academic awards for academic achievements

学术研究的立项与结项等过程性评估 process evaluation of inception and completion of academic research

31、 (判断)学生听课后协助导师整理的讲稿,不应要求署名,更不可未经导师许可,用自己的名义发表。 If students assist the tutors in collating notes after the lectures, they have no right to sign on the notes, let alone publish them in own names without the permission of their tutors. 正确 True

32、 (判断)整理稿可以将不同时间多次的口语实录自行综合,同一作者不同时间、场合的口头发言无需分别注明出处。 The compiled manuscript can synthesize multiple oral recordings at different times, and there is no need to indicate the source of oral statements made by the same author at different times and occasions. 错误 False

33、 (判断)引用未成文的口语实录,包括口头演讲、课堂教学实录、采访记录等,无需将整理稿交作者审核、修订。 There is no need to submit the compiled manuscript to the author for review and revision when one quotes unwritten oral record, including oral speech, classroom teaching record, interview record, etc. 错误 False

34、 (判断)学生在论文中不能把导师的口语实录和思想未加集中说明而淹没在自己的论文各处随意使用,引起知识产权归属的混乱。 Students can’t submerge their tutors’ oral transcripts and thoughts without centralized explanation in their papers and us them freely, which leads to the confusion of intellectual property rights. 正确 True

35、 (判断)学术不端行为也称不正当的研究行为,指学术共同体成员违反相关法律规定、损害学术公正的行为。 Academic misconduct, also known as improper research behavior, refers to the behavior of members of the academic community who violate relevant laws and regulations and impair academic justice. 错误 False

36、 (判断)凡是在学术会议论文集刊登的稿件,都不可以再次在其他正式刊物上发表。 Any article published in a paper collection of academic conference way not be published in other official publications. 错误 False

37、 (判断)在选题论证过程中,一定要尊重已有的研究成果,避免选题低水平重复。 In the process of demonstrating the selected topic, we must respect the existing research results and avoid low-level repetition of topic selection. 正确 True

38、 (判断)书评是学术批评的重要方式和重要成果。 Book review is the important way and achievement of academic criticism. 正确 True

39、 (判断)评价学术研究者个人或学术团队应坚持“代表作”评价方式。 The evaluation of either the individual or group of academic researchers should adhere to the evaluation method of “ representative work.” 正确 True

40、 (判断)掩盖转引,将转引标注为直接引用,引用译著中文版却标注原文版,均属伪注。 It is a pseudo-annotation to cove up the indirect quotation and label it as a direct quotation ,while the Chinese version of the translated version is labeled as the original version. 正确 True

41、 (判断)不管是在文内注释中引用过的或未引用过的,只要是论著写作时确实参考过的,都可以附在文后参考文献中。 Whether it is quoted or undergo in the text notes as long as it is actually referenced in writing, it can be attached to the post-text references. 正确 True

42、 (判断)任何学术评价的最终主体都是国家相关政府管理部门。 The ultimate subject of any academic evaluation is the relevant government administration. 错误 False

43、 (判断)评价论文应以刊物的等级作为成果优劣的绝对标准和唯一标准。 The evaluation paper should use the publication grade as the absolute standard and the sole standard of the merits and demerits of the results. 错误 False

44、 (判断)超过刊物退稿时间而突然发稿形成一稿两投,责任在刊物不在作者。 The article is suddenly published after the time period of rejection expires and becomes duplicate contributions, the responsibility should be shouldered by the publication not the author. 正确 True

45、 (判断)判定研究选题的学术价值,要看该选题是否针对前人研究没有解决的问题,是否可能在前人的基础上推进学科的发展。 Judging the academic value of the research subject depends on whether the subject is aimed at problems that have not been solved by previous studies, and whether it is possible to promote the development of the discipline on the basis of predecessors. 正确 True

46、 (判断)学术失范行为的动机与情节较学术不端行为轻。 The motivation and circumstances of academic impropriety are less severe than academic misconduct 正确 True

47、 (判断)判定选题的社会价值,要看该选题是否能够解决人们在社会实践中面临的实际问题,或对社会发展做出前瞻性的预测,以满足社会的需要。 The social value of the subject depends on whether the research of the subject solve the practical problems people face in social practice, or make forward-looking predictions for social development to meet the needs of society. 正确 True

48、 (判断)个人发表学术论著,有权按照自己意愿署名。 Individuals published academic works and wave the right to sign at their own will. 正确 True

49、 (判断)并非所有学术成果都应当有恰当的标题。 Not all academic work should have an appreciate title. 错误 False

50、 (判断)论文关键词排列时可不考虑语法上的联系,仅仅是将几个关键词组合在一起。 The key words in the paper can be arranged without considering the grammatical links, so we can just put a few key words together. 正确 True

3、 (单选)评价专家发现评价对象与本人有利害关系或者存在妨碍公正评价的其他因素时,( )。 When the evaluation expert finds the evaluation object has an interest relationship with the person or has other factors that may interfere with the fair academic evaluation, he/she ( ). 应主动申请回避 should take the initiative to apply for withdrawal from the evaluation