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Fabric 移动应用 Crashlytics 工具

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打造了不起的应用,是一件很难的事情。我们对这一点有切身的体会。开发者日复一日地面临着许多相同的挑战: 比如增加应用的可靠性,在上线之前进行测试,提高下载量,吸引新用户,鼓励用户互动,掌握应用增长指标,让应用带来收益。每一个挑战都给开发者制造了一系列不同的障碍。


The Pulse of All Your Apps

Developers pour their heart & soul into building their amazing apps and want to keep constant pulse on their apps once out in the wild. While there are many tools today that helps you track crashes or user behaviour within your apps, no one solution exists that keep all these critical data in a single, intuitive dashboard -- until now.

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We Service Answers For You

With Fabric, you’ll have instant access to the same features you love within Crashlytics and more. Get a snapshot of your app’s health in real-time, understand what’s truly important and fix the most prevalent crashes -- all within the same web dashboard. No more jumping from dashboards to dashboards across different services.

Best-in-class SDKs.

Modular Kits for Building the Best Apps.

Building great mobile apps is hard. With Crashlytics, we solved crash reporting, beta distribution and mobile analytics for many of you -- but that was only the beginning. Developers face many other challenges everyday: verifying users, engaging them, generating revenue, among others. Each presents a unique set of hurdles.

Big crashlytics
Crash Reporting
Big answers
Mobile Analytics
Big twitter
Big digits
Mobile Identity
Big mopub

Through Fabric, we brought additional tools to your toolset beyond Crashlytics, organizing these tools into different “Kits”. We’ve built out several new tools in-house, including the Twitter, Digits and MoPub Kits, to help you grow and monetize your apps.

Proactive Alerting. Now.

Intelligent Alerts in Real-time.

Nothing is more important than getting timely and actionable data. Same as Crashlytics, we've built a layer of intelligent post-processing to alert you about key events within your app as they happen.

No need to keep revisiting your dashboard to stay on top of your apps. Our real-time notification system will proactively alert you when key events happen in your app. You’ll get actionable crash reports, performance metrics and our intelligent analyses -- all delivered right to your inbox.

Our servers

Our servers and infrastructure now power thousands of the world's top apps and see nearly 5 billion app sessions everyday. No matter the size of your data flow, our infrastructure can handle the load.

One Developer ID.

Yours to take with you.

Many mobile SDKs have emerged over the last several years – each with the goal of solving a specific problem. While this gave developers more choices, a new problem emerged: managing different developer accounts and identities across SDKs can be cumbersome.

With Fabric, you’ll have a dedicated developer ID that will be yours and yours only. If you change company or join another organization, you’ll still have complete access to all your chosen Kits and be able to use your favorite developer tools -- all from your Fabric account.




我们支持Xcode和所有主要的Android IDE:

我们支持Xcode和所有主要的Android IDE



Don’t worry about debug symbols Your Fabric Mac app will automatically upload and processes your dSYM files, end-to-end, for crash reporting on iOS. We’ve built your Mac app to streamline this process for you.


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Integrated with Top 3rd Party Tools

Built by the same team that built Crashlytics, Fabric is tightly integrated with 3rd party services -- many of the most popular developer tools -- that completely streamline your workflow.

Smart Account System.

Built for the way you work.

Building great mobile apps require teamwork, and often with multiple teams of stakeholders. Many developer tools today focus only on the collaboration experience with one team -- we took this to a whole new level with Fabric.

With Fabric, not only can you collaborate with your team, but also work seamlessly with multiple counterparts. Join as many other teams as you would like and assign owners or transfer ownership of teams. If you’re a mobile development company, you can easily relinquish control to your client once your project is completed.

Rest Assured.

Your Data is Safe with Us.

Security and data privacy are critical to your business.
We’ve taken the utmost care to protect your assets and users’ privacy.

Trusted by thousands of companies, Fabric is already powering many of the world’s largest apps: